For any and all interested, I went ahead and did some searching on YOUTUBE for all the performances/songs that best demonstrate the kind of guitarist/sound that i'm longing for in my studies. These five videos showcase some excellent guitar work by my biggest current influences. Let me know what you think.

1. Mr. Stevie Ray Vaughan

2. Mrs Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler (Knopfler is playing the kind of guitar i'm buying this friday)

3. Mr. Billy Gibbons

4. Mr. Tom Morello

5. Mr. George Thorogood (Sadly, the only good & full version of this song was from a converted Guitar hero file... so just listen to the guitar, don't watch the game.)

Cinco De Mayo

I forgot the reason I don't like tequila is that you get the hangover halfway through the night instead of the next day. Especially when it's super cheap ten dollar tequila.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all the other lonely people out there. Guess we'll find any reason to "celebrate", even obscure independence holidays from other countries.

"It sounded like a freight train, only without any sound cause we were inside."

Totally saw my first tornado today. It apparently passed about three miles north of the call center, we could see it zip by from the work out room down on the first floor. Apparently the "torrential downpours" aren't goign to stop until tonight and there's a tornado watch until 11 pm.

Also, while we're on the subject of the work out room, I think I pulled a muscle in my rear end while working out on the bike. This is the first time I can ever remember anything like this happening and its odd and uncomfortable and slightly painful. So I guess i have to ask... how do you stretch your butt?
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Hoooollly crap i'm drunk. Ive had over half of a half gallon of rum tonight to myself so I'm sorry if this comes actoss as drunk ranting in advance.

- I love my guitars. They make me freakishly happy when I'm able to make identifiable sounds out of them. The sad part is that this makes me happy with less than perfect riffs, but hell, I think it sounds terrific because its better than what i was able to do before.

* The world spinning makes me thinkk of global economics for some reason. I wonder what other countires which have strictly gun controls are thinking. Do you think that countries like switzerland wonder what the hell is wrong with us when we have tweo crazy gunmen situations in a week when they have one maybe onece a year?

* Speaking of switzerland, my guitar has been having problems obeying my tuning (this is a logical connection to me right now, but please don't ask me to explain it when i'm sober i doubt i'd be able o respond adequately. ) Whenever i tune it a half step down as is my custom to get a good blusey sound out of her, kara keeps being whiney and making sounds i dont want her to make

*oh yeah. I named my acoustic guitar kara. I still haven't come up with a name for the bass.

* Gonna go pass out face first somewhere now.
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I'm still primarily thinking in cold, one sentence at a time kind of logic when I'm sober. (The fact that i'm writing in paragraph form right now is actually taking considerable effort and its really bugging me) Ever since I returned to Dallas, the entire emotional side of my brain has pretty much shut down. Well, no, that's not a good word for it, i think a better word would be dormancy. The bad part of this is that the depression rips free every now and again and ruins that particular day, at least until I drink. Which I have been doing a lot. No where near as much as i was two summers ago, though I still have plenty of bitterness stored up from that fun experience.

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Massive post (as in largest post i've ever made) coming later tonight.

You have been warned. All three of you who still read this.

*goes to work on it some more*